Cayenne home remedy for constipation

Cayenne is a home prepared remedy that is used to treat constipation. It works by inducing peristalsis and enhancing digestion. Cayenne home remedy for constipation. The advantage with it is that it can be used regularly after every meal or in cases of constipation.  Cayenne pepper is well due to the ability to thin the blood thus facilitating blood circulation.


It is available in capsules of different strength. When used in conjunction with herbs, it helps to maximize the beneficial herbal properties in the body. As a home remedy, you should start with one capsule and ensure to take it after meals. You will know it is working if you feel a slight burning effect in the upper region of the stomach. The feeling is similar to that experienced during heartburns. As the body gets used, the feeling will consequently get diminished.


Avoid using the cayenne seeds because they may contain toxic elements. They are strictly prohibited to pregnant and breast-feeding mothers. Use them as capsules the way they are indicated on the container. The use of cayenne has indicated the ability to block the ulcer producing effect of NSAIDS. It also increases the absorption of theopylline used to treat asthma. 


Cayenne targets the digestive and circulatory systems. It regulates blood pressure, pulse strengthening, lowers cholesterol and also thins blood. It also cleans the circulatory system, facilitates healing of wounds, facilitates digestion and prevents numb pains. Remember to use the dose that is recommended on the cayenne bottle. You can add cayenne to soups and even salads.


Finally, using cayenne will prevent constipation as a home remedy. It will keep you at balance preventing conditions that may result. Besides, it is naturally prepared hence has no medicinal side effects to the user.